Austrian Brass Band Championships: 2nd place!

Challenge accepted! On November 8th, the Brass Band Fröschl Hall competed in the 2nd edition of the Austrian Brass Band Championships, held in Eferding (Upper Austria). 

This year's compulsory piece was On the Shoulders of Giants by Peter Graham. Considered as technically extremely difficult and with a length of 20 minutes, this piece is regarded as a real challenge for a band and its soloists.

In the end, the meticulous and time-consuming preparation that involved even the support of the British brass band legend Bob Childs definitely paid off: During the contest, the Brass Band Fröschl Hall sparkled with energy and musicality. However, the local heroes of Brassband Oberösterreich were able to closely win this year's musical duel. In the end, Brassband Oberösterreich won the competition with 95 points and our Brass Band Fröschl Hall reached the second place with 93 points. Kudos to all brass bands for their extraordinary performance.

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